The German section contains a number of essays roughly as set out below. Much of the substance of the arguments is implicit or explicit in English elsewhere on this website or its sister These are topics that the German business ethics movement has studiously avoided addressing. The approach is partly polemical, partly reflective, partly analytic. The items have been carefully written in straightforward, everyday, contemporary German, in contrast to the prose, tedious and platitudinous when not impenetrable, so beloved of academics and business gurus in the Federal Republic.

How "business ethics" diminishes ethical awareness
(The madness of rules)
(1700 words, written in 2012)

The art of ethics versus scientific pretenses & presumptions
One might well be intimidated by the plethora of learned publications on ethics... But this would be a category mistake...
(700 words, written in 2012)

The wellsprings of morality
Attempt at a foundational consensus for discussing business ethics
(900 words, written in 2010)

Keeping one's business balance
Putting ethics in its place, Ethics is not the topping on the cake, Definition of a firm, Generating taxable profits in stewardship for society
(1600 words, written in 2008)

Manifesto against moral platitudes
How "values" are overvalued
(900 words, written in 2012)

Upgrading the entrepreneurial class
Measuring integrity by character rather than rule-keeping; No confidence in confidentiality contracts; Combatting litigious extremism
(1300 words, written in 2011)