The Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany, Article 5, permits and protects the presentation of opinions, analyses and journalistic-style reports such as those to be found on this website.

If anyone criticised here should consider that they have been misquoted, they are invited to complain by email. Any complaints will be dealt with promptly, appropriately, and publicly. The operator of the website is, however, confident that no such complaints can be substantiated except, conceivably, for the most minor of misrepresentations as may have occured in order to drive an otherwise justified point home.

Communications made in connection with the dnwe network are not, under any conceivable interpretation, subject to confidentiality unless they are between persons who are otherwise friends rather than mere acquaintances or fellow members; there are objective criteria for this. An email does not acquire the status of being confidential simply by virtue of a standard – and menacing – text being added to it. Within dnwe, appeal has been made to supposed "personality rights". No photographs, addresses or reports on intimate or family matters are contained on this website. Persons who choose to engage in a matter of public concern must, however, be aware that their conduct in this connection is subject to public scrutiny and that they may be named and shamed.

An email from a dnwe officer that is addressed personally is not automatically a private affair, and certainly not if it contains threats, disparagement or other material of a contentious nature.

It goes without saying that the reader must judge for themself whether any inferences drawn on the basis of the conduct and pronouncements of the individuals attacked are justified and whether the conclusions are coherent.

This website has been set up because it proved impossible to bring the matters concerned to the attention of the broad membership of dnwe, let alone a wider public. I am not subject to any obligation of loyalty, indeed I consider that "loyalty" is regularly abused and that the worth (a different word to "value") of loyalty is much overrated. Within dnwe there has been censorship on discussion forums in the name of "netiquette": unwelcome or critical comments are ... unwelcome.

The fellow members of dnwe were informed in good time that I would proceed to bring to a wider public the charges now presented in this website. The announcement was deleted from the dnwe-intranet. The German side of this website contains the text of that warning. It is detailed and – dare I say – closely argued.

Any lawyers impugning my right to express my opinions will be reported to the German authority responsible for protecting the constitution (Verfassungsschutz). This warning is necessary because the legal profession (excepted an honourable minority) represents a far greater threat to democratic values than the entirety of the so-called right-wing (and indeed left-wing) political groups otherwise subject to observation by the Verfassungsschutz. In Germany, the business plan of some lawyers is systematically to seek to undermine human rights and common justice in the interests of their personal profit. It would be nice – or naive – to think that, elsewhere, this does not apply.

Paul Charles Gregory