dnwe (EBEN) has chosen to corrupt the business ethics project.

Anyone who has read the documentary evidence and narrative on this website cannot avoid the conclusion that those in charge of dnwe in the years 2011 to 2013, at the very least, and arguably long before, and continuing now in 2014, have failed morally across the board. We are not talking about two or three individuals, or two or three episodes, but of a consistent pattern of moral failure (group think) in an association that – arrogantly - claims to represent business ethics and possess expertise in this field.

It has been important to expose the association for what it is, namely a coalition of hypocrites, confidence tricksters and intellectual fraudsters, and so to warn the public. However, the analysis cannot be left to rest there.

Some if not all of the individuals concerned would seem to imagine they have done nothing wrong. Although apparently indignant, they have declined to this date (April 2014) to defend themselves against well-documented charges of ...

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